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Ok. For both of you. [Apr. 8th, 2009|02:15 pm]
Dybbuk Press Community


Ok. So for the afternoon before Passover when you are sitting here thinking that you really want to buy a book, Wednesday Book Promotion is for Rashi by Maurice Liber. It's a general introduction to Rashi, who he was, the legends surrounding him and his place in time both as an innovator and a product of his time. The book then goes on to give an introduction to his commentary, Biblical and Gemara. Since it was written in 1906, it praises Rashi for inspiring Moses Mendelssohn and the haskalah (something that Artscroll wouldn't do. Nor would I for that matter.)

Cross-posted to book_pimp.

Yes. I've designed much better covers...

What I'm asking you to do:

1. Click on the above links.
2. Add Tags. May I suggest "teddy bear cannibal massacre"?
3. Once you are at that link, hit the helpful or not helpful buttons for the reviews.
4. Hit those lists and guides and click on a few of those links.
5. Write your own List and include this book. Examples.
6. If you've read the book, write a review - both on your blog or on Amazon.
7. If you're interested in buying the book, buy it.
8. Go to Amazon and independently search for the book.
9. Copy this post into your own livejournal.

As usual this is the Wednesday Book Promotion. Help out as much as you can. Especially if I put your book up for Wednesday Book Promotion in the past.